Our mineral water is born in the wonderful environment of Puyehue, in the Lake Region (Chile), at the door of Patagonia, surrounded by ancient forests and far from the large urban centers. In this natural setting, Agua Mineral Puyehue rises 270 meters below ground and at a temperature of 28 ° C

These characteristics make it thermal and mineral at the same time, unique properties that allow us to bring the best of Puyehue to those who seek to live in balance.


The first inhabitants of Puyehue were the Huilliches, who worshiped the water of Puyehue for being revitalizing and healing.

Over the years the belief of its curative purposes and therapeutic properties expanded, so in 1941 it began to be bottled. 

At the beginning, its production only supplied the Hotel Termas de Puyehue, later it was the water of Ferrocarriles del Sur, and today it is available throughout Chile at different points of sale.

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Puyehue a privileged place where it rains all year round

This rain falls through the ferns that reach the ground, this volcanic land filters the water for many years and delivers mineral properties in great amplitude and low concentration.

This is what we call naturally balanced, the earth is in charge of cleaning and naturally balancing our water.

Our Bottle

Our transparent and differentiating bottle is inspired by a drop of water that falls between the ferns that surround our origin.

Our purity, exquisite flavor, and elegant and sophisticated packaging define Puyehue: A 100% natural and balanced mineral water, which contains all the purity of southern Chile.


It was awarded and recognized in the Chilean Water Guide, created by the sommelier Marcelo Pino, obtaining first place several times. 2010 first place National Mineral sparkling water, 2012 first place National Mineral sparkling and still water, 2015 first place National Mineral sparkling water, 2017 first place National Mineral Water lightly sparkling and 2019 first place National Mineral sparkling water and lightly sparkling.

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5 Stars in Virginality delivered by the renowned North American sommelier of mineral waters, Michael Mascha, placing it among the 100 best waters in the world. This also highlighted the company's philosophy of bringing water directly from the ancient forests to the consumer's table.

In 2019, the TASTE & DESIGN AWARDS 2019 was held, which took place in Stockholm, Sweden, on April 23 and 24, where we obtained the first place in sparkling water in our category.

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During the Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting 2013 World Water Contest, it obtained second place for Best Image Water and third for Best Sparkling Mineral Water.

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